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All our cakes are layered and coated with a complimenting couverture chocolate ganache.

Of course we can customise them to cater to your own taste buds. You may choose a different flavour for each tier.

Some flavours are not suitable for tiered cakes. Sample boxes are available for pick up and at the conclusion of consultations.


Simple & Classic

Chocolate Mud

Dense & rich pairs beautifully with chocolate ganache.

White Chocolate Mud

Light and delicious with white chocolate ganache.

Caramel Butterscotch

Luscious with white chocolate ganache.

Chocolate/Vanilla Marble

Best of both worlds, teamed with chocolate or white ganache.


Swirls of strawberry, white and chocolate cake, filled with delicious white or chocolate ganache.


Light sponge texture, perfect with white chocolate ganache or passionfruit infused ganache for a taste of the tropics.

Red Velvet

Ruby red chocolate vanilla sponge, layered with white chocolate ganache.


Delicious with white, passionfruit or strawberry chocolate ganache. If you love bounty, pair it with dark chocolate ganache.

Traditional Fruit

Layered with chocolate ganache for a modern twist. Tastes like a fruit and nut bar.

Signature Flavours

Our Signature Flavours incur an additional charge.

After Dinner Mint

Chocolate or white mud cake with delicious crunchy peppermint infused chocolate or white chocolate ganache.

Lemon Pistachio

White chocolate mud cake with tangy lemon curd, white chocolate ganache and crushed pistachios.

Hazelnut Crunch

Chocolate mud cake layered with delicious Nutella ganache and crushed hazelnuts. Tastes like Ferrero Roche.


White chocolate mud cake, layered with white chocolate ganache with and crushed honeycomb.

Salted Butterscotch

Caramel butterscotchwith salted caramel chocolate ganache.


Moist and nutty with delicious white chocolate ganache.


Made with walnuts, spice and orange, filled with white chocolate ganache and a hint of citrus.


Layered with caramel or white chocolate ganache.

Orange Poppy Seed

Delicious with white chocolate ganache and a hint of citrus.

Lemon Coconut Raspberry

Tastes like summer, lemon and coconut cake with luscious fresh raspberries. Layered with white chocolate ganache.

Lemon Blueberry

Delicious lemon cake with fresh plump blueberries filled with white chocolate ganache.

Extra charges apply for the below flavours

Gluten Free Choc Almond

Moist, subtle and nutty delicious with dark chocolate ganache.

Gluten Free Orange Flourless

Made with whole orange and almond meal. Pairs well with white chocolate ganache.

Egg free cakes are available on request.

Egg & lactose free cakes are available on request.

If you have a specific cake flavour in mind, please call or email Cake Salon.